Comment Of The Day: Really Tiny Cars Edition

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It’s easy to point and laugh now at people in the far distant past, so far back that no one was even alive then. I’m talking about the 1970s, of course.

Back in the 1970s, “people” (I’m guessing, I don’t feel like slogging through an entire decade’s worth of the equivalent of bad Internet comments just to prove a point) used to laugh at how small Japanese cars were, and how they could never beat big American cars.

Of course, us Future People now laugh at them, for how wrong they were. Of course the little Hondas would win, because they were fuel efficient and fun, and who wouldn’t want those two things in one glorious package?


But what us Future People tend to forget – especially on the East Coast, where anything older than one month old immediately collapses into a pile of rust and road-salted detritus –is just how small these first Japanese cars in the States were. Luckily, we have JimZ to remind us:


Damn, those things are absurdly tiny, aren’t they? Even compared to vehicles that aren’t pickup trucks, they almost look like toys.

Congratulations, JimZ, on your COTD win. May you forever blast through traffic in the most nimble of imports. Or whatever floats your boat, really.