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Comment Of The Day: Making Tracks Edition

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Image: Wikimedia Commons

Earlier today Patrick asked all of you what kind of car you would steal if humanity and civilization as we know it simply collapsed one day. Our entire lives are built on a fragile paper mache foundation and it’s a very real possibility that everything could go pear shaped in a moment. Anyway, don’t worry about it. Enjoy your weekend.


As expected there were a lot of answers declaring the intended theft of something fast, flashy, and glorious. My own mind went initially to the phenomenal Porsche Carrera GT. But that’s not practical. Bozi’s practical answer of a diesel Mercedes G-wagen was appropriately on-brand for him. But it was Ash78, Crazy Rich Caucasian who managed to come up with an answer that I truly didn’t expect.


Any sort of road-rail vehicle would be a phenomenal choice. If humanity has collapsed, it’s unlikely that Amtrak or freight trains are going to still be running. The best move is to take a truck that can run on the now-dormant tracks.

Another day, another dose of practical disaster avoidance advice in the comments of a Jalopnik dot com blog. Real news you can use! And for that, I’m awarding Ash78 with the COTD victory for the day. Try not to spend your whole weekend thinking about the fragility of society. It’s for the best.

Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy and eclectic.

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Ash wins, and the rest of y’all are slowcomotives. How tender.