Too many people believe that having a family means giving up your fun car. In today’s car market, full of fun loud things with the fewest compromises ever, this could not be further from the truth.

Sometimes that means upgrading to something with a little more room, like a Dodge Charger or a fast SUV. But for some people, it means saying “screw it, I’m keeping my awesome car.”


Just ask reader NeonBlaqk, who’s not about to give up her damn Fiat 500 Abarth, even though her baby’s on the way:

Relevant to my current interests at 33 weeks pregnant. However, I’m sticking with my 500 Abarth, no matter how insane that may be. My husband has attempted several times now to persuade me into a cheap temporary kiddie hauler, but I flat out refuse. It has a latch system in the back and I want my daughter to see from day one that sticking with what you love is important.

You’re gonna make a great gearhead momma!