Comment Of The Day: I'm Not An Engineer, But

Johnny Herbert running a 2011 Mercedes W02 F1 car at Goodwood FoS 2014. Photo Credit: Getty

I have long been a fan of the old phrase in racing, if it looks fast, it’s fast. Wait no, that’s not exactly right.

I always think of that line after it fell into my brain from this old post anticipating a 2011 F1 title for the very handsome Mercedes F1 car. That didn’t quite work out, with a second-place finish for the ex-Brawn, ex-ex-Honda team.


It’s all just a takeoff of the Learism ‘If it looks good, it will fly good,” which has since sort of morphed into a catchall engineering ‘if it looks right, it is right.’

Anyway, that all came to mind when I saw this on our story about an Uber driver left stranded on a road that regularly floods during tides.

Hm. If it looks right, it must be right. Build that road right on up there, Brits.

With that in mind, here are some tunes.

Have a good night, all y’all.

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