Comment Of The Day: If I See One More Person With Their DRLs On At Night I Will Drive This Car Into A Ditch So Help Me God

An Audi DRL from ‘08. Screenshot from Audi USA YouTube demo
An Audi DRL from ‘08. Screenshot from Audi USA YouTube demo

Today’s cars are beacons of technological achievement, more powerful, efficient and safe than they have ever been before. So how is it possible that people are somehow driving around at night with their daytime running lights on and nothing else so help me god I will drive us both into a ditch if it makes this madness stop.

This line of thought popped up when we found out that American-market cars have to shut off their half their DRLs when indicating in the case that the DRLs and the indicator lights are too close. So our cars sort of blink, which is weird.


But DRLs themselves have their own problems, as we found in this wonderful and enduring conversation that covered (click here to read the whole thread), among other things, how we can stop cars from lighting up their dashboards like your headlights are on while only the DRLs are on, or why we can’t just have our headlights on all the time, or why people cannot just learn how to drive my god how hard is this.

A sensor is one thing. Even an indicator telling people how they’re screwing up might be enough.


I don’t know what needs to be done to make this right. Honestly, I just can’t wait until driverless cars takes the steering wheel right out of everybody else’s hands.


Wait. Hm. I need to think about this a bit more.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Fuck the DRL.

Mandate a policy that requires lights to be on whenever the igntion is on.

Car on = lights on. Lights on = All lights

There would be no need for DRLs, no need to canceling DRLs for the turn signals.

You can allow the operator to turn them off, but as soon as you put the car in gear or turn it back on LIGHTS ON.