Photo credit Mr. Regular
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Our friend Mr. Regular needed to put some miles on his rebuilt Ford Falcon, so he spent the summer picking up hitchhikers along the Appalachian Trail. I highly encourage you to read his missive on the whole ordeal.

Hitchhiking—and picking up hitchhikers—seems to reside mostly in the annals of our history, a romantic and daring thing that people used to do before the world got dark and scary and full of murderers. My father and his brother once hitched across the country. Lots of people did it, once.

Maybe it’s not as common as it used to be, maybe we just don’t talk about it as much because it’s so discouraged now. But it still happens. And Mr. Regular’s story encouraged many of you to share your stories of hitching and life along the AT. Here are some of them:



If you’re gonna do it, this seems like the place to try.