Comment Of The Day: Here's To Mergio Edition

Image: AP

Sergio was right. He was always right. Merging to reduce costs through corporate synergy and collaboration was the right path forward for FCA. He wasn’t picky about who the merger was with, as he pitched just about every automaker in the world with the idea like a Hollywood waiter with a script every time a minor celeb was seated at one of their tables. Here we are, on the eve of a new merger of equals between FCA and PSA. Sergio’s long view is about to come to fruition.

It is a crying shame that the engineer who laid the foundation isn’t here to see the house built.


Congratulations for crafting that COTD worthy comment, Tahoe Guy. The italics really did it for me. Enjoy your 24 hour crown.

And in honor of the music news that has come out today, here’s a banger from the good old days. Enjoy.

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