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If nothing else, The Garage will be about keeping your automotive dreams alive as long as possible. Sometimes that comes from unexpected places.

Like reader Passion Red S60R, on Tavarish’s story about his Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4. He has one in the family:

My grandma (I am 27) quite literally daily drives a bone stock 1999 VR4 which is OEM to the nut holding the glovebox to the dash, with 53k. It gets a professional detail every 6 months and gets driven often, just short jaunts around town. Oil is changed every 3k miles. Thing runs like a top. It is scary close in performance to my S60R, basically once you hit ~50mph, it pulls a supra and comes around so so many other V8 cars. I love that car to pieces.

I get to drive it every winter while they are in Florida. It is fun, but for my 6’1-240 frame it is CRAMPED. I have to open the cover on the sunroof in order for my head to fit, and even then I am riding GANGSTA style.

I truly hope I get to keep her car when it’s time... but I can only dream :).

Don’t rev on grandma. She’ll teach you some manners with JDM turbo power.

Congrats on your COTD win, S60R! May you and your family keep that Mitsu running forever and a day.

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