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Is the Chevrolet Camaro’s problem that it looks too much like the old one?

Let me tell you something about Americans: they like things that are shiny and new. Conspicuous consumption is deeply embedded in our DNA. When we buy a new car, we want it to look like a new car; we want it to be obvious to our neighbors and friends that we have something fancy and expensive and good.

As we noted in today’s Morning Shift, Camaro sales are way down from last year. There are likely many reasons for this. It’s gotten awfully expensive to get a decent one. The visibility is still poor. And also, because GM designers kowtowed to the faithful who didn’t want any changes, your average non-car person is hard pressed to tell it from the old one. Hell, I find myself having trouble from a distance or first glance.

TurboS60 agrees:


Is that really the issue here?