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Comment Of The Day: Big Hat Edition

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The tallest country, by averages, is The Netherlands. The Dutch are a tall folk with an average height just over 6 feet tall. Here in the U.S. the average man is 5 feet 10 inches, give or take. So why are cars built with such tall rooflines? Pretty much every normal workaday car, van, truck, or SUV I’ve reviewed in the last decade has left considerable headroom for my 6'2" mostly-torso frame. Like, enough room above my head that I could wear a Pebble Beach style hat with room to spare.


The only problem with that? I’m above average height and wear more than the average number of hats. I’m what should be considered a fringe case, and yet cars are still built with people like me taken into consideration.


Where are the bowlers, the porkpies, the Panamas, the newsboys, the gauchos, the buckets, and the boaters? Why did the average human stop wearing hats? Sun protection is still important, folks. More importantly, with millennials killing off the hat industry (obviously I jest) why haven’t car companies killed off the excessive headroom industry?

Nice comment ranwhenparked. Here’s your COTD crown, which thanks to huge amounts of headroom, will fit in your car no problem!

Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy and eclectic.

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