Comment Of The Day: And This Is Why You Actually Wear A Helmet

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This week we’ve been talking a lot about high-tech motorcycle helmets–startups are rising and falling as they trying to cram gadgets into brain buckets. As cool as that stuff is, it kind of misses the most important point of how you actually pick a helmet– how it fits.

The primary function of a helmet is to protect your head from injury in the event of an impact. The secondary function is to minimize fatigue by reducing wind, noise and other such assaults of nature you get to experience while riding.


Anything else a helmet can do; look cool, take calls, give you directions, is third at best on the priority list. I want to award “m” the Comment Of The Day, for pointing it out, especially since it barely occurred to me in my analysis of inventor Andrew Artishchev’s LiveMap HUD-helmet concept.

With so much variation in shape between helmets, you’ve got to make fitment your first priority way before you get excited about neat tech features. And thanks to “m” for bringing in the insight!

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