Comment of the Day: America Is Doomed Edition

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Earlier today we put the 2019 Cadillac XT4 through its paces. One of you noticed something odd.


That would be brownieisdoingagreatjob, with this spot-on observation:

Congrats, brownie! Your prize is a half-empty can of B’Laster from my parents old garage, which I’ll mail to you when I get around to it.

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Talking to the female drivers I know about cars and that drive SUVs I dont think that they dislike station wagons per say. But instead they prefer the high seating “commanding” view of the road that an SUV brings them.

They dont care about the off-road ability, power (as long as its powerful enough to get them on the freeway), handling. They just want a comfortable ride with a high seating position so they can see ahead. As a plus for them also they “feel” its safer. But I think in regards to driving its all about the high seating position then a tie between comfort (smooth ride) then safety that a SUV brings them. So basically they want a more traditional comfortable/safe high seating Cadillac.

I myself would love a Volvo 850T but even the new V60 is nice too.