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Do you remember the Nissan IDx concept? Actually, try not to. It’s too sad.

This was going to be Nissan’s return to fun, small, affordable rear-wheel drive fun. Oh how I longed for its arrival. Oh how happy I was to see it at auto shows a few years back.

Instead Nissan let it die and slide back into dullness.


What always struck me as odd was how disappointed people were with the IDx’s conceptual rival that did make it into production: the Toyobaru Twins. I drove one and liked it, no matter how much people complained about its relatively low-power figure.

Many longed for a higher-power high performance version to quell their horsepower hunger. For years they have waited and Subaru’s own version offers...almost no more power:


Reader Jcarr put the fanboys feelings best:


Well done. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to go cry about that dead Nissan.