Comment Of The Day: A Salute To The Irrational Car Editon

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The Lexus LFA isn’t really a car you can make sense of. I learned to just sit back, enjoy its many talents, and be glad that such an unusual vehicle even exists at all.


It’s misunderstood, but much of the joy in it lies in letting it appeal to your emotions over your rational side. After I published that story I got a one-line email (subject: “LEXASS LFA”) from a gentleman that just said “And the Z06 will kick it’s ass for 1/4 the price. ‘BUY AMERICAN’”, because that’s the kind of emails we get.

Fair points, but I think reader Jake Kirn gets the LFA the way everyone should:

This article is essentially what I have been trying to explain to people for a few years now. The LFA isn’t a rational car, by the numbers you could accomplish the same performance for less money with less complexity.

It’s like an RX-7, particularly an FD, in that it is about the experience. It’s about listening to the engine make its music while the car communicates exactly what is happening as you drive. Who cares if you could make the same power more easily? Who cares if it could be just as fast without a pathological attention to weight distribution? There is something to be said for doing things differently just because you can and because you are passionate about the engineering that goes into every little aspect of the car.

These are the reasons the LFA sits at the top of my if-i-win-the-lottery list of cars. It’s just fucking epic in every way because it can be.

Be fucking epic in every way, just because you can be. That’s good advice for life too.

Congrats on the COTD win, Jake! May your dreams of LFA hoonage come true sooner than later.

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One can only hope this COTD resonates with anyone who starts off their comment with “______ car is way better because it’s faster and cheaper” or “people who drive ______ are dumbasses because they should have bought ______”.

Anytime I talk to someone who loves what they drive for a reason (even if it’s because the minivan is so roomy), I appreciate their perspective. I am excited because they are excited EVEN if I don’t particularly like their car.

And while we’re at it can we stop commenting about how “all people who drive _____’s are douchebags”? There are douchebags and great people driving every type of car on earth. If it turns out they are a douche, it’s not because of the car they drive.... it’s because they are a douche.