Come to New York, Become Tony Montana, Try to Impress Michelle Pfeiffer

If you’re in the mood for a butch German coupé with a big V8 up front and an American flag in the back, you’ve come to the right place: there’s a Porsche 928 for sale in Soho.

There are cars whose whiny sound would benefit from the addition of Al Pacino’s booming baritone to their exhaust note. The Porsche 928 is definitely not one of them. Powered by a 5-liter V8, it’s got boom aplenty with a classic grand tourer shape to match it. Still, the 928 is one of the cars which appeared in Scarface and if you’re selling an example in these derelict economic times, you might as well make note of the celebrity connection. Especially here in New York City.


The car is parked mere yards from Jalopnik’s New York City headquarters and there is only one thing wrong with it: the seller is called Toby as opposed to Tony. Otherwise, it appears to be a fine cruiser.

If you do purchase it, try and not make much of its less than spectral motion picture history as an accessory to score with women: the 928 is the car Al Pacino’s character Tony Montana purchased to impress Elvira Hancock, played by Michelle Pfeiffer—to no avail.


I sincerely hope the American flag draped over the luggage area comes with the car.

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