Come Hang Out With Us At Jalopnik's Lone Star Le Mans Party In Austin TONIGHT!

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One overwhelmingly awesome weekend of sportscars is coming to Circuit of the Americas in Austin, and we’ll be there. So, by popular demand, we’ve decided to have a get-together this Friday after the track goes cold at 8 p.m. at Posse East, right north of the University of Texas campus.


Why is this the best weekend ever? Everything from the World Endurance Championship’s lone stop in the United States to Lamborghini Super Trofeo is running, that’s why. Paddocks are fairly open to walk around. You can probably even awkwardly mumble “H-h-hiiii” to Allan McNish if you’re lucky.

A ton of you said you were going (because why on earth would you be anywhere else this weekend?), so we decided to have a meet-up for this race, too.

Where is it? Posse East, 2900 Duval St., Austin, Texas, 78705 — right at the corner of Duval and San Jacinto.

What time? We’ll start around 8 p.m. on Friday. Porsche GT3 Cup runs until 7:45 p.m. and GT3 Cup at night is so awesome that we bumped it back a little from our usual race weekend get-together time. Plus, one of the locals, Jeff Mosing, might be able to clinch a championship this weekend in that series. Go watch GT3 Cup, and then come have drinks and nachos with us.

Who will be there? Jalopnik’s Austin staff of Patrick George and Stef Schrader will be there for sure, as will several friends of Jalopnik who are in town, plus YOU! There’s a good chance that the Traveling Torchbug will make an appearance, too.

Where should I park? Ah, parking. The eternal Austin challenge. There’s street parking all around the bar, and there’s UT garage parking if you feel like your sweet hellastanced Ford Focus ZX3 needs shielding from the elements.


Should I order queso? Yes. It is your duty as a food-eating person (provided that you’re also a cheese-eating person) to eat as much queso as possible during your stay in Austin. Queso is love. Queso is life.

We’ll see you there!


Patrick George

Thanks to everyone who came out! That was a great meetup.