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Colin Powell parks his $97K luxury hybrid like an asshat

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell was the third person to get a Fisker Karma luxury hybrid (behind Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore), but he has the honor of being the first person we've seen to park it like an asshat. Congrats!

The Fisker Karma hasn't quite lived up to the hype, what with its 32-mile estimated range and combined 52 MPGe rating (short of the 50-mile range and 100 MPGe promise). It's acceleration of 0-60 mph in 6.3 seconds was also disappointing.


It still looks great, though, and perhaps that's why Powell didn't want to park it anywhere near that pole. Better to edge it out away from the lines. Former four-star generals don't care about lines. He'd maybe get a pass if it weren't for the second picture, that clearly shows him driving the nose of the Karma up over the curb.


Tipster Cameron explains exactly how he captured these pics:

This is random, but I just got home from college for winter break (I live in Northern VA), and I saw what I thought was an Aston pulled up at a stop light. I came up behind it and realized it was a Fisker Karma...pretty funny considering I had just been parked next to a Chevy Volt. I followed the guy about a block until he pulled into a parking lot, and I got out of the car to say hi and ask him about the car. Turns out it was Colin Powell, and he isn't very good at parking.

The only remaining question is what, exactly, Powell was shopping for in this McLean, Virginia strip center. Jewelry for a special someone? Lebanese food? New glasses?


We're guessing all three. Colin Powell knows how to party.