Colin McRae Shows off New Rally Car at Goodwood

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Rally legend-in-waiting Colin McRae's own rally car, the R4, made its public debut in racing trim at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK this weekend. The car was first seen at last year's Goodwood event, and McRae says it's suitable for rallying rallycross, ice racing and circuit racing, in addition to general non-street hoonage. McRae designed the R4's chassis along with and Dave Plant of motorsports development firm DJM. No word on when (or for whom) the R4 will see competition, though a good bet is the Race of Champions next year. But first, a good flog is likely in the offing; McRae says he's yet to drive it more than 20 miles. (Specs after the jump.) [Photos by Tom Newis]


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Technical Specifications

· Designed by Colin McRae and Dave Plant
· Built by DJM Race Preparation
· Steel safety cage throughout
· Carbon paneling front and rear
· Steel covered cockpit area

· Twin wishbone with Proflex dampers

· Design by Keith Burden and Tom Webster

· Normally aspirated 4 cylinder / 2,5 litre Millington Diamond Engine producing 350 BHP

· Option for 2 or 4 wheel drive format
· Mechanical front and rear differentials
· Option for a mechanical or active central differential
· Six-speed dog box with manual or semi-automatic gear change


Mike Spinelli

@blitzcat: McRae's site is our source. Dunno where the Sun came up with 300.


Not much about Millington Racing Engines' voodoo that makes it happen. We'll keep digging.