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If you've just crashed your mom's Mercedes after doing some coke, don't pin the whole thing on your girlfriend. You'll still get arrested, and you'll also be a total scumbag.


On May 28, Dan Sajewski, 23, crashed his mom's Mercedes CLK 320 convertible through the home of a 96-year-old woman in Huntington, Long Island. Earlier that night at his parent's $1.7 million mansion, Sajewski had been drinking and doing some coke with his girlfriend Sophia Anderson, 21, until about 4 AM, reports the New York Post. Anderson went with Sajewski on a beer run and passed out in the Benz. Her BAC was 0.30, meaning she'd had as many as fifteen drinks.

That's when they crashed at such high speed that they took a 30-year-old tree with them as they passed through the woman's house.


Sajewski convinced Anderson into saying she was at the wheel, promising to pay for her bail and legal fees, as well as take her on vacation. Sajewski never paid up, and Anderson talked. We will note that Sajewski was majoring in Criminal Justice at Manhattan's John Jay College. Irony.

He is currently being held without bail for violating his probation, and had six outstanding warrants at the time of the crash. Sajewski faces a maximum of one and a third to four years in jail if he is convicted for 11 charges including DWI, conspiracy, reckless endangerment, and reckless driving.

Before Anderson explained what happened, her lawyer had blamed the crash on a power steering malfunction. Her case looked bleak. Now the lawyer told the New York Post he was happy with the newest decision.

[We] are very satisfied that he was remanded without bail. He's unscrupulous. He's a true criminal and he belongs in jail.


When Anderson was first hospitalized from the crash, her x-ray technician concluded that her injuries could not have been sustained from behind the wheel. Anderson said too him "it's a little too late for that." This at least supports Anderson's version of the events.

Anderson's DWI charges will be dropped, but she picks up a new charge for obstructing justice. While it is heartening to see that Sajewski is facing the charges he deserves, it is troubling that Anderson took him up on his bargain, especially in light of the press she's received in the past months.


Photo Credit: Suffolk County Police, ABC News

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