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CNNMoney's Peter Valdes-Dapena says he learned a lot of things on his road trip from D.C. to Boston in a Tesla Model S, including the massive amount of planning that goes into a long road trip in an electric vehicle. Oh, and he also encountered the same problems with his Model S we told you were plaguing owners — and that Elon Musk told us had been fixed. 


Valdes-Dapena's post-mortem of his successful drive includes his answers to some of the many questions that were sent to readers. One of them was whether the car had any glitches. Here's what he wrote:

Yes, a couple minor ones. Early in the drive, the driver's side door began refusing to open. Then the touch screen that controls most of the car's functions froze up. A call to Tesla got both problems fixed in a few moments.


Both of these were issues we described in our story earlier this week about problems Tesla Model S owners have encountered with their cars and talked about in the Tesla Motors Club forums. And they were also issues that Musk told us had been fixed in the car's newest firmware update, version 4.2.

Admittedly, they're small issues, and it sounds like they were taken care of quickly. But they're still around, despite what the company's CEO says. 

The rest of Valdes-Dapena's story is worth a read. Like nearly everyone who has driven or owned the car, he says it offers incredible performance and luxury and is a worthy competitor to BMW and Mercedes-Benz. And he has some interesting insights into the state of the charging infrastructure. Go check it out. 

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