CNN Web Site Serves Up Semi-Naughty Word To Describe Enzo-Busting Ex-Gizmondo Exec

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We're known to drop an f-bomb or two on occasion on these pages, just for, you know, dramatic effect. Sometimes that drama even includes an s-bomb and a d-bomb, and although we've yet to drop the c-bomb, we've pretty much used every other four-lettered expletive we can think of. But unlike, we've never used the r-bomb before. The r-bomb? Yes, the r-bomb — as in "ripshit." Some of you may be asking yourself, "Self, WTF is ripshit?" Others of you are asking "Self, since they've never used ripshit before, can we go and get a cookie?" Both groups are perfectly fine in asking said questions — but for the group not rummaging about for a cookie, according to the grand source of all things full of truthiness, Wikipedia, "ripshit [is] another synonym for bullshit." Hmm, sounds semi-naughty to us — but we've also heard it used to mean "extremely angry...or insane." Either way, we think it fits the intended use by the Business 2.0 side of in describing number 93 on the list of 101 dumbest business moments of 2006 as being "like a totally ripshit videogame..." That's right, they're talking about former Gizmondo exec and member of the Swedish mafia, Stefan Eriksson, over his Enzo-busting exploits (gallery reminder for those who've forgotten below) that were so brilliantly stupid, a t-shirt was designed in order to raise awareness. Guess we'll have to give some props to CNN for calling a spade a spade — or one ripshit fucker, a ripshit fucker. [Hat tip to Bumblebee!]


93. Stefan Eriksson: Sounds like a totally ripshit videogame... [CNN/Money]

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