CNET Analyzes Automotive Interface Design

If you know me, you know that I preach the gospel of good design quite a bit, especially in regards to an entertainment and infotainment center. The design and functionality of a interface is just as—if not more—important than the features and options included. CNET took a look at 17 interfaces of some of the bigger name manufacturers. Something to note, manufacturers: tabbing systems work, period. Regardless of the experience with high-end electronic equipment, anyone and everyone can figure out tabbing systems. It just makes it easier to navigate.

CNET doesn't put a label on the best or worst design, but from my experience and the images provided, Volkswagen has to have one of the worst designed interfaces (pictured above) as far as design, ease of use and functionality are concerned. It's ugly. The lack of color, dynamic text and labeled side buttons could make it difficult to understand and operate, especially for individuals unfamiliar with multi-faceted media and info systems like those used in vehicles. On the other hand, Cadillac and Chrysler have very intuitive interfaces for their respective media and into centers. Large and clearly labeled touchscreen buttons make ease-of-use exceptional, and the inclusion of the aforementioned tabbing system receives high marks. [CNET]


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