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C'mon, Stangmaro?

Illustration for article titled Cmon, Stangmaro?

We're not beneath falling for any forum thread titled "Warning: you will crap your pants," not expecting a literal result. Nonetheless, this Mustang-faced Camaro is a stomach-churning experience we'd expect will alienate both mulleted and the shaved alike. As mods go, this one's up there with the Smartlanor for sheer creepiness. (Thanks to Phillip for the tip.) [XModSource]


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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

And if you are wondering WHY?!!?!?


"he took the body parts of cars he liked, and incorporated it all into this car, when he got this car. it was a pos, it was rotton all over he had to redo the whole car anyways."

"it was cheaper, it looks good, and as i said the whole car was rotton when he got it 3 years ago for like 800 bucks and the front end was all rotton too."