The 2014 round of the 24 Hours of Le Mans starts next weekend, and it will bring Porsche's return to the legendary track. While I haven't seen their latest poster yet, in the meantime, here are the ones from 1970 to 1998.

We shall see what Stuttgart's 919 V4 prototype can do against Toyota's mighty 1,000 horsepower TS040 Hybrid or reigning champion Audi's R18 E-tron quattro, but for now, just enjoy a bit of history and check out these vintage Le Mans posters from Porsche's archives, from 1970-1998, the glory days:

1970: 917

1971: 917K


1976: 936

1977: 936


1979: 935

1981: 936


1983: 956

1985: 956B


1986: 962C

1987: 962C


1994: Dauer 962

1996: TWR Porsche WSC-95


1997: TWR Porsche WSC-95

1998: 911 GT1


True story: VW did fire up a 911 GT1 at the Geneva Motor Show's private VW party, and it sounded AWESOME. Really.

Photo credit: Porsche