The format for The Grand Tour is sort of like old Top Gear specials, where the trio travels across the globe, and the episodes are like their own mini-films. Only in The Grand Tour, the hosts aren’t the only ones traveling, the studio (a big tent) does too. Today, the show announced the first location for its big tent: Johannesburg, South Africa.


Perhaps more exciting, is the fact that the show is putting on a competition asking readers to submit the most unusual places they’ve pitched tents. The prize: a trip to South Africa to see the three buffoons..

In case you’re wondering “why South Africa?” and not Albuquerque —where you live, which is the center of the world — four million people live in the JoBurg area. It’s a big city. It’s so big, in fact, that Top Gear Live used to tour there a bunch back when it was a thing, and not once did it ever stop in Albuquerque.

Doesn’t matter. I’m off to go set up a tent in my Jeep’s empty engine bay.

h/t: R&T

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