Clarkson, Hammond, And May's New Show Is Ditching The Studio

Smiling British man. Photo credit: Getty Images
Smiling British man. Photo credit: Getty Images

Top Gear was at its best when the three guys were out, doing something. Segments like The Cool Wall tended to just interrupt everything and were bad. Apparently the people behind TG realized this, because they’re ditching the studio for the new show on Amazon.


James May dropped the knowledge in an interview with the Guardian that was mostly about dumb things and not actual news, but had some good tidbits in it:

“We are not a studio-centred thing anymore. We are making a series of TV films and we don’t have a base,” said May. “It is massively expensive what we are doing, for reasons that I hope will become apparent when you see it. We are doing more episodes than we did in the latter days of Top Gear. It is quite intense.”


May went on to say that the still-untitled show will run for at least 11 episodes in its first season (yes, season, British people, you’re making an American show now), making for at least 30 episodes during their current three-year deal. That’s a huge improvement over Top Gear, which would sometimes have as few as six episodes in a season.

I’m mostly wondering what these “TV films” will be like.

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Good. I always hated the “star in a reasonably priced car” segment. Very rarely did they have cool guests, instead featuring some vapid celebrity fuckwit I couldn’t give two shits about, blathering on about how little they know or care about cars.

Summary of the segment:

“Welcome some person who’s unusually popular! How are you?”


“What was your first car?”

*names car that enthusiasts either hate or adore”

*boo and/or applause*

*tells mundane story, hopefully about the car*

“Let’s see how you do around this track in a shitty car we keep changing for scarcely logical reasons”

*drives around track fast or slow, or 1/10 times drives so erratically that I’m actually waking up again*

“You did it in.................. one............”

*dramatic pause for 30 seconds*


*dramatic pause for 5 minutes*

“.........x.xx! Isn’t that a thing you care about lololol”

Awful. All of it.