Clarkson, Hammond, And May's New Show Is At Least A Year Out

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Ever since Top Gear as we knew it went off the air, everyone wanted to know where we’d see Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond end up next. Ever since we heard they’d be going to Amazon, we wanted to know when. Executive Producer Andy Wilman just dropped the news, and it’s a ways off. We’re talking Autumn 2016.

And that’s at the very earliest, as the first episode of Old Petulant British Men Falling Over For An Hour (working title) is merely due in the later bit of 2016, Wilman told Broadcast magazine. With these sorts of things, it can always be delayed.

And since we don’t have a subscription to Broadcast magazine because that seems like a really random and Britishy thing to have, we’ll let The Hollywood Reporter (via Road & Track) tell it:

Wilman also disclosed some details about the new program’s format, which would include “lots of newness” but still some echoes of the team’s Top Gear heritage, with “indoor” studio elements and international escapades.

“But there will be a new look, new elements, new home. We’ve been so busy doing the bloody deal ... that [the development] process now begins in earnest,” he said.


See? It’s everything you always missed, no need to cry.

Each of the three seasons commissioned by Amazon will feature 12 episodes of roughly 60 minutes in length, he claimed, with the first due for delivery in the fall of next year.

Holy cow, 12 episodes. That’s actually a lot bigger than the two episodes every four years, which is what one of those truncated BBC Top Gear seasons felt like. But don’t worry, if you ever felt like you were getting everything you always wanted (everything, in this case, meaning old Top Gear plus complimentary two-day delivery), there is some denial involved. Wilman went on to say that you won’t be able to binge-watch the whole thing, clad in nothing but Doritos cheez dust and a pair of pajama pants you should’ve burned and buried years ago. The episodes will still come out once a week, so you’ll have to spend a solid three months clad in nothing but Doritos cheez dust and a pair of pajama pants you should’ve burned and buried years ago.

I’m sure your social circle will understand.

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So basically the shows coming in 2017.