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Clarkson, Hammond, And May Are Back With A New Live Show

The Top Gear crew are back with Clarkson, Hammond & May Live, a new rolling circus that’s set to start touring this year. And they’ve already begun filming a few new segments to go along with their Back On The Road tour.


The trio have seven shows planned, from Belfast to Australia, over the course of the year. And no, the U.S. isn’t on the docket, at least not yet.

Here’s the first few video teasers. Enjoy!

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I’ll be honest - I’m not really seeing how this is going to work well. I think the best stuff these guys did on TG was the scripted segments, with multiple takes and cameras, and high-polish editing.

I’m having a hard time contextualizing what they would do in a live show - are they going to drift Astons across the stage at the O2 theatre (note the British spelling)?