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Clarkson Can't Have Nazi Fun

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When P.J. O'Rourke called the 911 an "ass-engined Nazi slot car," did the Krauts complain? Well, they may have, but at this point the phrase has passed into minor automotive legend. Will Jeremy Clarkson's cracks about a Mini "fan belt zat lasts vor a fousand years" and "a satellite navigation system that only goes to Poland" stand as iconically as O'Rourke's zinger? Most likely, probably not.


Nevertheless, his worlds have got the Krauts in a tizzy, pointing out that if his joking "Sieg Heil" salute had aired on German TV, he'd be facing a six-month pinch in the hoosegow. Nevertheless, Jezza (They call him "Jezza"? That's just retarded.) takes the last word, commenting to the Sun: "My admiration for Germany as an engineering powerhouse knows no bounds but, my God, I bet Prince Charles gets more laughs talking to his plants." [Thanks to John for the tip.]

Jezza drives nation mad [The Sun, UK via The Bavarian Falcon]

Jeremy Clarkson on the New Mustang

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