City hires army of mimes to fight traffic

Illustration for article titled City hires army of mimes to fight traffic

Mimes: What are they good for? Oh, so many things! They bring laughter and joy to everyone who encounters them. They help the white makeup industry stay financially afloat. Sometimes they make precious balloon animals. And most importantly, they know how to combat traffic in high-density urban areas, which is why Caracas, Venezuela has just unleashed 120 of them into the streets.


The army of traffic-control mimes dress up like clowns and, reports Fox News, "wag their fingers at traffic violators and at pedestrians who streaked across busy avenues rather than waiting at crosswalks." They also frown at drivers and use their hands to make the "stop" signal. Scary! When gesticulating doesn't work, the mimes point their fingers at the unruly drivers and pretend to shoot them. And when that doesn't work, the mimes pull out rifles and shoot the drivers for-real. Crazy badass mimes.

[Fox News. Image via AP]