Citroën DS3 Cup Race Red Flagged After Over Half The Field Crashes On The Same Corner

The crash involved 11 cars, but it’s a little hard to see where one starts and another begins.
Screenshot: MotorsportCrashes

When the field is all running on dry-weather racing slicks and a downpour starts, you’d be forgiven for expecting a crash or two. But during today’s Citroën DS3 cup race, drivers weren’t that lucky.

After the skies in Denmark opened up, everyone seemed caught off guard. While the cameras were elsewhere, three cars slid off and ended up in a mangled pile. As the feed switches over to them piled up and steaming, another wave of cars comes aquaplaning into the sand and smashes into the beached cars.


By the end, the cars are so tangled up that it’s hard to see exactly how many are wrecked. The officials reported that 11 drivers were involved, though. Since there were only 16 cars in the race overall, that’s a pretty catastrophic crash.

10 out of the 11 drivers were cleared without injuries on site, but one has been taken to the hospital for further checks.

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