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Citroen DS And Holden Wagon Down On The Queensland Street

Illustration for article titled Citroen DS And Holden Wagon Down On The Queensland Street

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. Today we've got a couple of painfully cool old cars that ChrisLewis shot for us down on the streets of Brisbane, Queensland. We've got a pretty clean post-1969 Citroën DS and a mean-looking 1960 Holden FB wagon, plus ChrisLewis' Ford Fiesta XR4 in the background. Make the jump to see all the photos and read the description.

Having recently moved north from my home town of Adelaide, South Australia to Brisbane, Queensland, I thought my days of seeing old beaters being used for daily transportation might've been over. Adelaide has a dry climate similar to Murilee's description of Alameda, and a lack of emissions testing or even regular roadworthies meant that I was able to drive around in almost anything I cared to pay a registration fee on, seemingly regardless of physical condition, provided it didn't prove a clear and present danger to other road users. My old Sweeney-brown Mk I Grenada was a classic example. We'd stripped out the mouldy carpets and ratty door trims, and I drove it around for a month with a bare-bones steel interior, the cherry bomb on the RS2000-sourced four-pot reverberating all through the car with no NVH padding to muffle the noise, and brown gaffer tape that gave a close paint match covering up the more obvious rust around the base of the rear window. I had been told by coworkers up here in Brisbane that Queensland has reasonably rigorous roadworthy inspections as part of their registration process, but to my pleasant surprise I've found that this may have been an exaggeration. Yesterday while I was having breakfast at the Northy Street markets in the city's inner north I spotted two beaten old survivors, both striking me as being DOTS:BE-worthy, even through I only had my cameraphone to hand. In the 1970s before the introduction of bulk containerisation of shipping, Australia had a thriving industry in assembling CKD kits from other countries. Citroen, Renault and Peugeot all sold locally-produced versions of their vehicles, as did British Leyland. You could even buy Pontiac Parisiennes and other North American GM muscle through your local Holden dealership. I'm no expert de Citroen, but I believe that the smooth headlight covers mark this DS out as a post 1969 model. If this is actually a surviving Australian production model, it was kitted out with all sorts of niceties that were weren't even available as options to our Euro-brethren. Based on the pattern of dropped berries surrounding it and the seriously underpressure front right, this 1960 Holden FB wagon might be better described as Broken Down On The Street, but these old 'Oldens are built in such a basic fashion that a hammer and a length of bailing wire are probably all that are needed to get it running again. In terms of styling, this generation of Holden was basically a 4/5 scale shoebox Chev. Note that at the time it was built these weren't called wagons - they were station sedans. These old FBs came standard with a fairly mild inline 'grey' six (named after the color the block was painted), but parts interchangeability is so broad within the Holden family from 1948 through to the mid 70s that there could be anything from a 68hp 2.1L grey six to 135hp 3.3L red six. In the background of one of these shots you can see Ilsa, my 150hp Ford Fiesta XR4 (the local name for the outgoing Fiesta ST). She covered 2100 miles over my trip up north without skipping a beat, and every single one of them was a complete blast. But that's another story. I'll be keeping an eye out in the future for more DOTS:BE vehicles up here in the subtropical north, but I'm also wondering - do we have any other Brisbane-based Jalops?



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I only moved from Adelaide to NSW in the last few months, roadworthy certificates suck! I have a 1985 Volvo 360 GLT with custom lowered springs and double leafs on the De Dion rear end, and a turbo conversion. No chance of that sucker getting roadworthy! I have seen 3 or 4 Citroen DS's while over here though, good to see!