Chrysler's former Twitter agency gets a "missed connections" Craigslist ad

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It's been a rough few days for New Media Strategies, the Virginia-based social media firm that borked its business with Chrysler over a mis-Twittered profanity regarding Detroit's drivers. Now it's taking shots from Craigslist posters warning of more woe ahead.


Even before one former employee complained about how Detroiters can't "fucking drive," NMS had already been on probation with Chrysler. It was NMS chief Pete Snyder, pictured above at the company's expansion last August, who let slip on the CBS' "Early Show" three days before the Super Bowl that Chrysler would have a commercial with Eminem — a moment that was supposed to be a national surprise.


This anonymous "missed connections" post on the D.C.-area Craigslist went up right after Jalopnik identified the ex-NMS employee who sent the Chrysler tweet. It can't be verified as coming from someone who works at NMS; given the ways Washington works, it's probably from a competitor. But it does have a few insights worth sharing:

I know I should have kept my mouth shut, but sometimes I just can't help myself. Sometimes you just need to say Fuck. And I did... on Twitter.

And I'm sorry.

Take me back baby, I really love you. And I really miss your retainer. Those pains I feel, they hurt. There is a big hole in my Portfolio that you need to fill. All those other car companies are in the past, you are my boo. My boo in Detroit.... You are the Kim to my Eminem. Speaking of Eminem, sorry for spilling the beans about the Super bowl commercial before it aired... mistakes happen. But I still love you.

I can change, baby. I love you. We can make it work.


PS. I also really miss the money. The money was really nice. It was a large percentage of my revenues. If I don't get that money, Rosslyn may have a high unemployment rate and look like that shit hole of a #MotorCity. OH Fuck, I did it again... I swear, I am a changed man baby.


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