Chrysler Says Not To Park Some Pacificas In A Garage Or Near Other Cars Because Of Fire Risk

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
Photo: Chrysler

You’re supposed to just park it in the middle of an empty field I guess before getting it fixed?


The advice stems from a recall announced this week, and involves 27,634 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrids, model years 2017-2020, due to a faulty 12-volt battery connection that has caused a “small number” of fires, including one in Minnesota and the rest in Canada. Chrysler said there was one “minor” injury tied to the issue.

Initially, the recall notices will advise customers to have their vehicles inspected by a dealer. If the 12-volt connection shows no evidence of corrosion, the vehicle will be released to the customer – after the connection is tightened.

If there is evidence of corrosion, the dealer will hold the vehicle and the customer will be provided with a free loaner.

Subject to the results of ongoing tests by FCA, all affected customers may receive a second notice to schedule additional dealer service. Vehicles held by dealers will be remedied accordingly and then returned to their owners.

The part of the release that stuck out though was this advice:

In the interim, FCA recommends – out of an abundance of caution – that customers avoid parking their vehicles inside buildings or structures. In addition, FCA advises customers not to park near other vehicles, or place wet items or liquids that may spill in the second-row seating area.

This isn’t unheard of—GM gave much the same advice back in 2015 for a much bigger recall of 1.4 million sedans—but it’s still startling, the idea that your car could spontaneously go up in flames when you aren’t even driving it. Chrysler is also keen to point out that the fire risk has nothing to do with the battery itself or the electric parts of the minivan’s hybrid system.

By June 16, Chrysler says you can look up your VIN at to see if your Pacifica is affected, and it said it would mail notices to affected owners the following week. In the meantime, also try not to park next to any hospitals, too, they have enough on their hands.

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