Chrysler Recalls 1.4 Million Vehicles Because Car Hacking Is Real

Well, our cyberpunk dystopian future is upon us because Chrysler just recalled 1.4 million cars because of their vulnerability to hackers.

It all stems from their UConnect infotainment system being very good, except for a little part in its coding that allows people who know a specific car’s IP address to get into the whole vehicle’s electronic brain and start feeding in CAN messages.


Things like, I don’t know, shutting off the engine on the highway, or disabling the brakes at low speeds. That is not great.

This all stems from this recent test in Wired, where all of this was demonstrated on a new Jeep Cherokee.


Chrysler apparently already has a patch for the system (and has for two weeks), but they’re just making a recall now so that they can be a bit more sure that owners will come in to get the update.

Whatever. I’m retreating to my bunker and am going to live out the next 50 years underground, or at least until the Roach King declares dominance over Planet Earth.


Photo Credit: Jeep


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