Chrysler "Peapod" Electric For "Gated Communities" Spotted Outside HQ

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Our invitation to the Chrysler press event debuting their selection of electric vehicles seems to have been lost in the mail, but we decided to head up to the Auburn Hills headquarters after seeing the Proton Lotus Europa Dodge EV debut on CNBC this morning to see what the hoopla was all about. That's where we caught this second Chrysler EV concept, nicknamed by CNBC's Phil LeBeau "Peapod," being trucked away for safe cover. We don't know whether that's the actual name, but Chrysler CEO Bob "The Builder" Nardelli called it an electric vehicle for "gated communities." Hmm, and what would the electric vehicle for non-gated communities be, because we've yet to see one that seems to fit that particular tagline. We were only able to get a couple of shots off, but the EV is definitely concept only for now and looks to have no interior. Chrysler is promising something by this afternoon, but while they figure out this whole "PR" thing, feel free to enjoy this smiley little car. Look how happy it is!

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"Gated communities" = slow. But there's so much more than just that. The gated communities bit is just a pitch, but at least it suggests who's really going to buy it. It isn't about environmental friendliness, or convenience, and it sure isn't about being the perfect around-the-neighborhood car.

Don't give us this gated communities crap, people. Nobody tools around in their gated communities. They get into their cars and leave, do their shopping or corporate bullying or whatever, and then they come back. People self-absorbed enough to buy into a gated community sure as hell are self-absorbed enough to not EVER get out of their car if they don't have to. They don't go for Sunday drives around the McMansion neighborhood unless it's to the clubhouse where they can flaunt their cash and leisure time by spending a few hours and hundreds of dollars on the links, custom-wrapped handles and an overworked college kid to tote their custom-wrapped handles for them. They might buy this little car because it's a leisure item and thus a highly visible display of wealth, which is EXACTLY what they will use it as. So don't call it a neighborhood electric vehicle, don't tell us it's for gated communities. Tell us like it is.

Tell us it says, "My money dick is bigger than yours." Because whatever Chrysler hopes for it to be, that's what it's really going to mean.