Chrysler Exec Calls Donald Trump “Full Of Shit” On Twitter

Ralph Giles is the VP of product design at Chrysler as well as the CEO of SRT and SRT Motorsports. This would already make him a badass even if he didn't have a candid Twitter account he uses to call out bullshit.

Donald Trump is CEO of some fantasyland where vaccinations cause autism and people think his hair is real. This would already make him an asshole even if he didn't have a bullshit Twitter account he uses to spread bullshit.

The two forces came together earlier today when Trump tweeted the false statement that Chrysler is shipping Jeep production to China. This was based on a misinterpretation of a report from Bloomberg (the whole saga explained nicely here) reported by others, including us.


Everyone knows this claim is false, they've known it for days, but the campaign of Governor Romney has been running ads stating it as true. Trump, as he often does, continues to spread the absolutely not true statement.

Gilles apparently had enough of it and called bullshit on him. Good for Gilles. There are numerous critiques you can have of either candidate's views on the auto industry grounded entirely in fact, which means you don't have to rely on falsehoods.


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