Chrysler Brings Back the Voyager Name as a Rebadge of the Entry-Level Pacifica Minivan

One of the great nameplates of the Second Minivan Wave (FWD, 1980s) was Voyager, which was used by both Plymouth and Chrysler back in the day, from 1988 to 2016. The evocative Voyager name has been dormant until today, when FCA announced that the name is coming back, as a way to rebrand and re-badge the lower trim levels of Chrysler’s minivan, the Pacifica.

The new 2020 Chrysler Voyager replaces the old Pacifica L and LX models, which are now Voyager L and LX, along with a fleet-sales-targeted LXi model that includes extra-tough leatherette seat material, to better deal with all the disgusting things that are likely to happen inside a fleet-owned van.


The old Pacifica L model starts at $27,235, which is what the re-born Voyager should be starting at, which is a good bit less than where the Pacifica line would start, around $33,500. It’s still more expensive than FCA’s super-budget minivan option, the archaic Dodge Grand Caravan, which starts at $26,790.

The Pacifica—sorry, Voyager—is a vastly better vehicle than the old Grand Caravan, so I think the extra few hundred bucks to move to the Voyager would be worth it.

It looks like the Voyager keeps all the important minivan stuff from the Pacifica. Here’s what FCA’s press release tells us:

Standard features and utilities include seven-passenger seating, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone compatibility. Voyager also offers mobility innovations to ensure superior maneuverability and improved ease of entry and exit for wheelchair users.


  • Chrysler Voyager minivan features the next generation of the award-winning Pentastar V-6 gasoline engine, which delivers 287 horsepower and 262 lb.-ft. of torque, mated to a segment-exclusive TorqueFlite nine-speed automatic transmission
  • With standard seven-passenger seating, Chrysler Voyager delivers a smooth, exceptionally quiet and comfortable ride
  • Voyager’s available SafetyTec Group includes ParkSense rear park assist with stop, Blind-spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path detection
  • Chrysler Voyager comes standard with a 3.5-inch digital information display and offers the Uconnect 4 system with a 7-inch touchscreen, standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto...
  • Uconnect 4 systems include fast startup time, enhanced processing power, vivid imagery, high resolution and sharp graphicsChrysler Voyager comes standard with six speakers and Active Noise Cancellation

That’s plenty of good minivan stuff.

From what I can tell, the base levels don’t include the individual screens built into the headrests, but one flip-down screen for pacification of those you’ve strapped into the rear.


Chrysler’s excellent Stow-and-Go seating system remains in place, and there’s a few visual changes, aside from the badge on the tailgate, mostly around the lower front grille area, which is simpler and less stylized than the Pacifica, and also loses the chrome trim in that area.


The rear bumper cover has been simplified as well, but overall it retains the clean, sleek look of the Pacifica. It’s a nice looking minivan!


I’m pro-minivan, so I welcome the rebirth of the Voyager. Besides, Chrysler needs something else to sell other than Pacificas and, somehow, increasingly vintage-seeming 300s.

Welcome back, Voyager.

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