Chrysler Attempting To Sell Jeep To Renault-Nissan Or Magna

Illustration for article titled Chrysler Attempting To Sell Jeep To Renault-Nissan Or Magna

Struggling to restructure itself to meet demands for the bailout, Chrysler is in talks with Renault-Nissan and parts supplier Magna to sell off its assets. Those assets include Jeep.

All parties currently deny that they’re having this discussion, but Reuters is reporting otherwise. Why the hush hush? Carlos Ghosn is only interested in all or part of Chrysler if it actually gets all the bailout money. The companies are currently trying to figure out an arrangement that would permit the sale of one or more brands, but retain those brand’s ability to benefit from the funding.

Le Figaro reports that Renault is trying to raise $3 Billion for the purchase by selling convertible bonds. Renault denies that claim. [via Reuters]

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Ok, time for a wild idea .....

Magna and Nissan/Renault buy Chrysler

Together, they clean out upper management. There was a article published this morning of a rumor that Wolfgang Berhard was close to joining Magna.

Now, what happens....

Berhard become CEO of Chrysler Group, Magna runs the manufacturing and Nissan/Renault get their US alliance & Jeep. They get the guaranted supply of Ram truck, Minivan, etc and able to convert excess Chrysler dealers to Nissan or Renualt.

In time, one of the two nameplaces (Dodge or Chrysler)die.

Cerebus get $$$ and takes a walk.