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When your company's own press release refers to a car as a "rolling showcase for the latest Mopar exterior parts" you can be pretty assured you're not going to be seeing anything revolutionary. And, in that context, the Chrysler 200 Super S certainly delivers.


Much like its similarly Moparized big brother, the Charger Redline, the 200 Super S offers two states of Moparization, Stage I and Stage II, which essentially refer to how many add-ons the car gets.

In Stage I, it's limited to a set of exterior placebo go-faster kit, while Stage II includes some things to actually assist in the going faster, namely a less restrictive cat-back exhaust and a cold-air intake. Adding these to the S model's 3.6L V6 Pentastar engine should give a bit of a boost to the 283 ponies already living under the hood, and, while Chrysler isn't releasing any numbers, it's likely to be a fairly modest boost. More significantly, a new coil-over suspension system lowers the 200's center of gravity, which should provide some actual handling improvement.


Both stages share the external body kit add-ons, which include an attractive black mesh grille with a floating winged Chrysler badge, front chin spoiler and rear deck spoiler, matte black lower diffuser/exhaust surrounds, and replacing most of the chrome light bezels and brightwork with satin-finish chrome. All these details help to serve the car's overall goal of making you forget it's still built on the old Sebring platform.

So, if you're planning on buying a whole crapload of Mopar add-ons anyway, the 200 S Super should be a decent way to haul them all around.

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