Chrome Ferrari 599 Lays Bling Smackdown On Chrome Audi

Illustration for article titled Chrome Ferrari 599 Lays Bling Smackdown On Chrome Audi

We all know the car, the polished-to-perfection Saudi Arabian Audi A8 you get in your email every four to six months, usually from the uncle who doesn't understand the internet telling you those durn furiners got too much money. Well, that car has now been tossed into the waste bin of internet history. We have a new champion of bling, a fully polished Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. While not doused in platinum (as the email always claims), this over-the-top wonder takes advantage of the 599GTB's aluminum body and simply classes up the joint, with thousands of hours of polishing and buffing.


The fact that this car seats only two, has a fire red interior, obnoxiously huge wheels and rubber-band tires, blacked out tail lights and tint dark enough to keep the cabin cool in the desert, only adds to its mystique. We can't wait to see the emails bound to result from this one — "Damn Eye-talian/Saudi oil syndicate has too much damn money! They're taking our jobs!" [TheRealJDM via Cardoman]



Curb feelers would add that finishing touch. Chromed curb feelers that is, natch.