Christopher Nolan And Steven Spielberg's Oscar Winning Top Fuel Dragster Drift

I can’t stop watching this clip of Doug Kalitta drifting his dragster set to the most dramatic, beautiful violin music. This is some Oscar-worthy stuff... from the NHRA of all places.

Top Fuel Dragster Drift: The Story Of The Creation Of A New American Motorsport starring Doug Kalitta as Doug Kalitta and directed by directing duo Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg; nominated for 18 Academy Awards including Best Director, Best Other Director, Best Cinematography, Best Original Soundtrack, Best Original Song “Drag To The Left,” Best Special Effects, Best Comedy, Best Drama, and many more... is not real.

But it should be.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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What am I seeing here? Is this camera artifact, or do these tires moosh flat like that?