Chris Pratt Built Himself An Awesome Little Hot-Rod Beetle

In case you were looking for yet another reason to like Chris Pratt, relax, because I have a good one for you. It looks like he's got a lovely little "self-built" very rodded golden Beetle.


This is via the FYeahChrisPratt Tumblr, widely considered to be The Economist of Chris Pratt information sites, and there's four nice shots of the Beetle. It's heavily modified, but I think it started life as a '60 or '61 ragtop, and it's been lowered pretty severely. The nicely detailed engine is helpful in that it lists the displacement, 2180cc, right there on the fan shroud, and appears to have a similar dual-Kadron carb setup that I myself use.

UPDATE: Those are Webers. I should have noticed that by the linkage. Sorry!

That's a pretty hefty engine for a Beetle, and I like the way he's got his fuel line/filter right in the middle there. If I had to guess, I'd say this engine could be putting out anywhere from 140-160 HP, and in a vintage Bug that's no joke.

So, Chris Pratt, if you want to talk about your awesome Beetle, let us know! I'll be back in LA for the Auto Show in November if you're up for an Official Jalopnik Classic Review!


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