Chris Harris Of Will Rally The Best Toyota GT86 Ever Made

The Toyota GT86 is a lovely car to begin with, but like all good things, it’s much improved in rally trim. The GT86 CS-R3 is Toyota’s homologated rally special, and according to Toyota’s own press release, some jamoke named Chris Harris who wrote for will drive it in the British Rally Championship.

Via Toyota Motorsport:

Renowned motoring journalist Chris Harris, who has built a formidable following via his writing for Evo magazine, and his own Chris Harris on Cars YouTube channel, will take the wheel on the Mid Wales Stages.


I think I’ve heard of this, but you may want to click the link in the press release to make sure.

Best of all, Harris is going to be doing what he does best: getting very, very sideways. The CS-R3 is rear-wheel-drive, and on the rally’s loose surfaces, it’s a real treat. The Mid Wales Stages even utilizes stages from the British round of the World Rally Championship.

Joining Harris in the RallyPrep-run GT86 CS-R3 will be codriver Brynmor Pierce, who hopefully doesn’t get carsick like some other dude Harris may or may not work with on a less important production than

(Not that we’re biased or anything, but look at what Toyota chose to highlight!)

Photo credit: Toyota Motorsport

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