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Chris Harris Loses His Damn Mind In A Bugatti EB110 Super Sport

Usually Chris Harris can contain himself. He’s English, after all. He has manners and restraint. Not this time. Not when the Bugatti EB110 Super Sport is involved.


I once called the Bugatti EB110 the “Jermaine Jackson of supercars,” because it was immensely talented but completely overshadowed by a brother that happened to be the best there ever was. Built by Bugatti in the pre-Volkswagen Group era, the EB110 was without a doubt one of the best supercars of the 1990s.

Today not enough people realize what an amazing, amazing machine the EB110 was, especially in Super Sport form — quad-cam 3.5-liter V12, four turbos, more than 600 horsepower, all-wheel drive with a six-speed manual. Only 33 were ever made.


This is what dreams are made of, Harris says. He had never driven one, until recently. And it blows his mind.

Watch the video. Lots of sliding, lots of screaming, lots of quiet sobbing when he has to give it back.

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What overshadowed it?