Chris Brown's Lamborghini Aventador Found Wrecked And Abandoned In Beverly Hills

(screengrab from TMZ video)
(screengrab from TMZ video)

Chris Brown, noted R&B singer and domestic abuse-enthusiast, learned a valuable lesson in Knowing Who The Hell Has Your Car when his Lamborghini Aventador was found, completely mangled, on a Beverly Hills road early Tuesday morning. Brown is fine, since he was not driving the car. In fact, nobody’s sure who was driving the car.


The Aventador was found without a driver, suggesting that either the driver left the scene or, possibly, was raptured away to heaven prior to the accident. Nobody else was injured, and no other property was damaged in the one-car wreck, other than the Aventador itself.

(Chris and his Lambo in happier times)

Chris Brown has been known to loan his Lambo out to friends before, and, while the car is still registered in his name, claims not to know who would have been driving the car at the time of the accident.

Based on the damage, the wreck likely happened at high speeds. The car’s bodywork is so destroyed that the remains of the car actually would make a pretty fantastic cut-away model of an Aventador. Ever wondered about the interior packaging and layout of this Lamborghini? Here’s your chance to see how everything fits, in detail.


Seriously, they should stick this thing as is in lucite and use it as an educational model at the Petersen Museum or something.

Brown seems to be taking the loss of the Aventador pretty well, having a number of equally expensive cars to ease his pain, as he thoughtfully Instagrammed:


It’s possible the driver will come forward and apologize to their pal Chris for destroying his Lamborghini, but I’m not sure I’d hold my breath for that. Maybe better for them to lay low until the shit blows over.

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It should be called an Aventa now since the door is gone.