Choose Your Own Subaru Rally Run Adventure

Before tacking the fourth stage of the 2010 Rally of the Tall Pines last November, Subaru strapped four cameras on the WRX STi driven by Pat Richard and Alan Ockwell. Now you can choose your own seat for the action.


Richard and Ockwell came in second for the stage, just 26 seconds off the stage winners, but had to drop out of the rally in Bancroft, Ontario, after a strut tower broke. Name me another sport that encourages participants to say things like "Aim for the house." [Subaru Canada]

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Just wear your damn mask...

Neat video. It reminds me of why I like rally more than just about any other form of motorsport, apart from the Indy 500 as an event.

As a one-time rally navigator, I would like a camera angle showing the navigator operating the rally computer during the stage, but I also wonder that with the constant pace notes whether they even use rally computers much anymore.

When I particpated in the Maine Forest Rally in 2000, with the exception of the final stage through the center of Rumford the stage notes were sparse and pre-event recce wasn't allowed by SCCA, so you relied on your rally computer to keep what little information you had as accurate as possible.