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Chinese Brothers Build Working F1 Car Out Of Metal Scraps

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Chinese ingenuity is a beautiful thing. These two brothers prove it, building a working F1 car out of scrap material including a bed frame, a folding chair and a security door.

So I'm sitting here in Shanghai with zero access to YouTube, and I came across its Chinese-born twin, YouKu, with a little help from our awesome Shanghai-based Gizmodo friend.
Click to viewThe Zhao brothers live two hours north of Beijing in the city of Tangshan and have made quite the name for themselves, specifically by building F1 replicas for the street. This is actually the fourth of its kind that they've built.


They use mostly scrap materials to create their F1-type replicas and I'm guessing that it's all pointed out in the red circles, but since my Engrish is limited to saying hi, bye and more beer; I'm really not sure what it all means. I question whether this thing is really street-legal as with most Chinese-built cars, but they say that it's capable of hitting 170 km/h (105 mph) thanks in part to the awesome in-house "wind tunnel" testing they've done. There's too much goodness in this clip to name it all, so take a peak, but I'll warn you that you might want to mute the sound. You'll immediately know why. (Hat Tip To Elaine!)


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