China Will Build A 'Superior Aviation Town' Near Beijing

The Shunyi District, eleven miles north of Beijing will soon be home to a community which will house a brand new airport with a 7,800 foot runway, business, and homes that all focus on general aviation. It will be called "Superior Aviation Town."

With a name reminiscent of a Chinese buffet, it actually comes from a Dallas, Texas based company, named Superior Air Parts, which is owned by a Chinese company. National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Vice President, Regulatory and International Affairs Doug Carr said:

"It'll be interesting to watch. I really hope it succeeds, because not only do we need the capacity for aircraft to fly into Beijing, but knowing how general aviation is growing in China and throughout Asia, the manufacturing capacity has got to be a help."


The NBAA says the town is also slated to have an convention center dedicated to general aviation. China is growing like gangbusters, and the proximity to Beijing will be huge for business travelers. Carr said that the availability for general aviation so close to Beijing will help relieve the stress of competing for landing slots at Beijing's main airport. China plans to have to had the airport and town complete in two years, while Carr says that building a runway in the U.S. can take 10-12 years.

Images via Superior Aviation Group

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