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China builds worlds longest cross-sea bridge

Illustration for article titled China builds worlds longest cross-sea bridge

The opening this week of the 26-mile, $2.3 billion Qindao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge endows the title of world's longest cross-sea bridge to China. Louisiana disagrees, saying the Chinese bridge doesn't count because it's curved. Here we go again...


Previously, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway was considered the longest cross-sea bridge with approximately 24 miles of length straight across the lake. Though the Jiazhou Bridge is also almost completely over the wet stuff, the extreme curvature of the bridge means the 26-mile span only covers a distance of 16 miles between Qingdao City and Huangdao.

The General Manager of the Louisiana bridge, Carlton Dufrechou, calls the Chinese attempt propaganda, although Guinness is going with the curved span.


Our bridge, he says "brings pride to the region." We're guessing pride because it's so big.

Despite the arguments over how to measure the beam or who truly has the longest joints, Dufrechou did admit the Chinese have erected a "beautiful" one.

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